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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shopping trolleys need a cup holder

takeaway coffeeMy wife is always having a quiet joke at my expense, seeing as how my aging Mitsubishi Verada doesn't have a cup holder but her WRX does.

But when we were out foraging in our weekly Saturday morning shopping expedition recently I was struck by how difficult it is to manage a trolley with over-steer and bad wheel alignment while holding a large takeaway cappuccino in one's hand.

Looking around, I noticed similar couples equally challenged by the desire to push a heavy trolley with one hand and hold onto a cup of their beverage of choice with the other.

So I thought, there's a useful add-on that can be fashioned by some enterprising designer -- they can sell the idea to the retailer as a useful customer service.

After congratulating myself on such a mental leap, I then realised that an even better add-on would incorporate both a cup holder AND a magazine/newspaper tray, so that one can read one's magazine AND keep one's cup safe.

Over to you, enterprising designers...